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    Mood Check UV Gel


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    1. Health and environmentally friendly: Made of healthy ingredients, harmless resin, odorless, harmless to nails.
    2. Colors that change with temperature: Thermal discoloration works best for this winter and the coming spring. Your nails will change in phantom colors at Christmas and New Year parties, which will bring you great fun.
    3. Best effect: With a good temperature response, you can use it throughout your nail bed to draw the desired pattern, it will produce a powerful effect, allowing you to create beautiful nail designs instantly.
    4. Requires black background or dark background: Please note that you need to use thermachromic liquid on black background, otherwise the nails will become transparent iridescent, excluding black background glue.
    5. Versatile: Ideal for professional salon or home DIY nail art.



    Material: resin
    Content: 3G



    Liquid Crystal Temperature Change Liquid Operation Method:
    1. First apply primer and cure it.
    2. Apply black nail polish and cure it.
    3. Take a small amount of liquid crystal temperature-change fluid to draw the required pattern, and wait for 1-2 minutes to dry naturally (small fan can be used).
    3. Apply sealant and cure it.



    Packing List:
    1 x Thermachromic liquid


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